8.20 with Love.

made with love.

The date, 8.20, is my Beloved. It is the date of my birth. It is the beginning of my New Year. It is comprised of two numbers that empower me. It is my numerical representation of love and pride. It is the time that I rarely ever miss on the clock.

Ironically, I cannot remember the first time, or the reason why, I first used the phrase, "8.20 with Love." But, I know that it always felt intuitively mine to moniker and cultivate into something larger than myself. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that's where I originally began to use it, and now, it has expanded from a simple, poetic-sounding nightly tweet into...

The 8.20withLove. website is my life-and-love-style brand. She is my creative soul-child, my lifetime vision, and the medium by which I creatively provide insight on social, emotional, spiritual, mental, and social justice topics to the social media masses. She is still in her infancy of development, so stay tuned for more!

*I do not own the rights to any thumbnail video or picture that I have used (and is not of my likeness) on this site.

About the creator.

Content Developer | Counselor | Educator | Social Activist | Spiritual Advisor | Web Designer | Wordsmith


                                 SEAN COREY CARTER

                        I am A. Stella Oloyede, M.Ed.
I'm a late-20sumner who's gotten tired of adulting without personal creative direction and outreach. I fell in love with words when I was 3 years old. I thank my mother, Dr. Seuss, and LeVar Burton for that. I fell in love with writing when I was 6, in the first grade. I thank God and Mrs. McFather for that. Words mean things. They are life-changing entities: what they mean, how they make people feel, the weight they carry in the mind and our memories, the power they hold on the tip of a speaker's tongue, their etymology...they move me to be better, do more, and continue learning.

I hope you enjoy discovering who I am, and how I think, through my writings and other creative works. I want my readers to feel my passion and purpose through each post. I seek understanding and perspective in all things, and I want others to gain both with me. Social Justice for All is my mantle, and my faith is the wind beneath my wings. Creativity is the force by which I show my strength. Education is my attempt at infiltrating our society with love. 
            I am indomitable. I am human. I am an artist.




  Ile-Ife | Atlanta | D.C.