Artist Spotlight: Oluwamodupe Oloyede


Oluwamodupe (endearingly referred to as “Dupe (Do-peh)/DupDup/Dupie/Mini-Me”) Oloyede was born on this day, December 13th, sixteen years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. The trailblazing last born of four, Dupe is a renaissance woman who has a sharp mind, kind heart, creative soul, and entrepreneurial spirit. Unafraid of taking risks and unscathed by rejection, her tenacity is the driving force of her myriad successes. She is a businesswoman, content developer, All-State saxophonist, cartoonist, and aspiring filmmaker. Her list of accomplishments continues to grow, specifically the one that is most near and dear to this brand— the
co-illustrator for this brand’s first published poetry and prose coloring book, With Time: From Grief to Peace. That is why she is the inaugural recipient of 8.20 with Love’s Artist Spotlight.

Dupe, my heart and Mini-Me, drew 17 coloring pages (including the cover art) for my poetry and prose book, and for your coloring pleasure. She read my words in order to draw (pun intended) inspiration for her artwork. She nailed the visuals of my poetry by staying true and original to her creative style. To say that I am proud of her would be the grossest understatement to give my baby sister.
I am awe-struck by her gregarious personality and level of maturity.
Enamored by her grit and ingenuity.
I Stan her existence and essence.
Since she was born, I’ve called her my twin, twelve years apart. As I have the grace and pleasure to witness her grow, I know she is everything I wished I would/could be in life and she’s twelve years younger. I am grateful. Humbled.

Though today is her birthday, my gift to my readers is for you to enjoy a sneak peek of her artwork from my book (and purchase your own copy to color on your own)!

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