On Being Pro-Hoe

I wrote this a week before last week's Insecure episode, but since there has been such an uproar in the conversation about this: let's make this one thing clear: I am PRO-HOE. To the fullest...for other people. Sooooo...

Yes to owning your body and the sex you enjoy having.
Yes to stating that you're horny.
Yes to declaring that you just wanna fuck.
Yes to having a high body count.
Yes to keeping track of your partners' sexual performance.
Yes to initiating sex because you want it.
Yes to enjoying sex without allowance or permission or guilt.
Yes to choosing who you accept and deny entrance into your vagina.
Yes to bragging about how bomb your sex is.
Yes to asserting what you do and don't like.
Yes to saying, "No, stop. This isn't good. At all."
Yes to picking up your things to leave immediately.
Yes to teaching your partner how to fuck you properly.
Yes to having an overnight hoe bag.
Yes to having condoms in the hoe bag.
Yes to having your own full...half-full...empty-so-you-replenished box of condoms in your bedroom so that you're not relying on him/her for your sexual protection.
Yes to leaving at the ass crack of dawn with no shame.
Yes to exotic dancing.
Yes to stripping.
Yes to spending some fool's entire paycheck on half your rent.
Yes to accepting gifts because they were given to you for being fine as fuck.
Yes to harnessing your own feminine prowess so that you can't be objectified.
Yes to breaking all man-made rules about sex and sexuality.
Yes to refusing punishment by targeted misogyny.
Yes to people minding their own business about the business you do without their penii and vaginas being involved.
Yes to wanting none of the above and being blissful by yourself.
Yes to minding your damn business about other people's sex lives, sexuality, and sexual expression.