S2ep2: Hella Underpaid

I feel for Molly in this episode.
She is the prototypical Black career woman: industrious, confident, competent...and grossly underpaid. Especially in comparison to her White contemporaries despite being (seemingly) better at her job than them. The thing that frustrates me the most about what Molly is experiencing at work is the fact that she is so damn extroverted, and extremely willing to put herself out there to engage with her White male coworkers and boss...to no avail. Small-talking over cold brews about irrelevant shows and delicious lobster rolls at a sporting event that celebrates White male aggression wasn't even enough. So, if she can't get into the White Boys Club (which is truly the hardest club to get into), this socially awkward, introverted writer has not a chance in Hell for a drop of cold water with them. Fuck.  But, I'm proud of her taking her therapy seriously...kind of...for now. We'll see how it goes with her, because I've learned to accept the fact that Molly is content with being in an emotional ferris wheel, because she doesn't really know what she wants in life outside of a successful career. 

Issa is a very relatable character in this episode, and yet, I truly think she underestimates her power to control her own life. Before I get into why, let me just say, FUCK #LAWRENCEHIVE. Chad is y'all president, and he deserves a Nobel Chaos Prize for the shit he put Issa-girl through at his front door. What a douche. He's a nigga-friend: the type of friend guys have who encourage ain't shit antics because he's complicit in such foolery in his own life. Fellas, the Chads in your life are not your real friends...at least not when as it pertains to relationships. Sure, he will let you sleep on an air mattress in his living room and cry about how you miss your girl, and he'll even call you out when your little violin of a woe-is-me tune is out of key. But, he is out to ruin your love and happiness without him even knowing it. It's just in his niggardly ways to project his ain't-shitness without many fucks to give about you. You know why he can straight up tell you that you just smashin' n dashin' on all of the Tasha's in your life? Because, engaged and all, that's all Chad knows. Real recognize real, right? Oh...

Anyway, back to Issa. This episode, she definitely did some confronting (read: stalking) that is, in a way, totally out of character for her. However, I'm glad she did it. I'm annoyed that Kelly so flippantly brought Tasha to her awareness, but I'm glad that bubble was finally popped. I've come to realize that Issa unwittingly enjoys being a backseat passenger in her life. She, too, is rather ain't-shit, and she proves that to us time and time again (here's looking at her complete diregard of Freida's concerns about VP Gaines' discrimination against his Latinx students). However, this episode, she actually got in the driver's seat about her job and Lawrence...and she didn't even sleep there! I'm proud. I don't like what she did to herself, but hey, we all social media stalk from time to time.

P.S.: Tasha is rising up and in control of everyone in this mess. 
P.P.S.: I see Lawrence has more self-esteem than a motivational speaker now. Lucky him. Men stay winning, especially at a woman's expense.

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