On Charlottesville and the Illogical Thought Process of White Supremacy

It's Saturday evening, and I cannot help but to think:

YOU left home.
You missed your turn.
You saw great things happening by cool people.
It was a party. You parked. You stayed.
Yes, you came to a party you weren't invited to.
You didn't RSVP.
You didn't call ahead.
You didn't even know it existed.
You brought nothing of value.
Not even pie.
Yet, you mustered to bring out of the dirty trunk of your car, your arrogant determination where you didn't belong.

And you thought that if you placed your baby ass family sigil on someone else's driveway...on their currently occupied land, you could claim it as yours. You could crash the party. You believed it so deeply (and for that, I pity you), that when you were met with a resounding, "Uh, hell no", you threw a temper tantrum. The worst kind. The kind that blew heads off. You're so damn arrogant. You came to the party and threw the chips. You spilled all the beer. You cut the aux cord. You literally burned the house down. You crashed the party and got mad that nobody wanted you there. You caused wars and genocides when you didn't get your way. And even when you did...
Then you did the unimaginable.
You stayed.
You stayed and made the the host clean up your mess.
You stayed and made other people rebuild what you destroyed.
And then you got mad when they stayed.
You got mad when they didn't leave because they had nowhere else to go.

You know, forget this metaphor. Something is really wrong with White people. You left your country to invade, overthrow, entrap, colonize, enslave, and annihilate billions of people over hundreds of years. The audacity you have to have in order to confidently disenfranchise, maim, and kill people and then blame them for their disenfranchisement, maiming, and death. You have some kind of nerve to be angry that people who you stripped from having their own are crying out "this is oppression". How do you emigrate here and be mad that other people beat you to it? How do you bring people here and get mad that they stayed? How do you claim "blood and soil" when neither your bloodline is pure anything, and this is not your land? It never was. White Supremacy is truly the dumbest, most illogical manifesto in all of global history. I want you to know that. After centuries of not minding your own business and conquering the world because of it, you're now scared that your conquests are coming to an end. Too many voices now? No, the voices were always there. We're just unified and louder now.