Respect the Black Woman.

We are the only group of women in global society that has to have this said about us. That has to have an action verb positioned as the beginning of a definitive...declarative statement. A mandate...that is still not respected. And that means a lot. We have always had our compassion and sacrifice met with admonition and annoyance. As though we have not created, connected, and saved the world times without number. As though we have ever asked for (and fully...truly received) anything worthy of our grace, and held it against the world when we were rejected. As though we haven't literally slaved and served ourselves and our bodies for the betterment of humankind.

Men...non-Black women...we are your inspiration, and always have been. Yet, we are degraded and demoted to be despoiled as though we are not more valuable than rubies, more precious that diamonds. We are neglected. So, maybe we should've returned the favor centuries ago. 

Maybe Black Women should have hurt everyone in society. Maybe then we would have been feared and respected. Maybe we shouldn't have carried the weight of the Black world in our hips and on our backs since the dawn of time. Maybe we should have conspired with each other to abandon Black men, and not raised them to value their survival over our own. Maybe we should have revolted sooner and louder against White women. And not created inclusive caverns of social justice and civil rights to fight for their freedom as they subjugated ours. Maybe we should have killed White men after they exhausted themselves into a deep slumber from raping us, even though they robbed us of peace of mind. Maybe if we committed acts of violence on a daily basis against everyone else in positions of power, as they have repeatedly done against us, we would be our own justice for giving everything and creating even more.

But, no.
No one in this world deserves us.
And yet, of ourselves, we freely give.
Time and time again.