Don't blame a woman for her "lack of work ethic" when you're promoted for doing nothing over her. That's sexist.

Don't put your penis in a woman if you won't take care of the baby that comes from doing so. That's misogynistic.

Don't tell a woman she's not "ride or die" just because she doesn't want to put up with your bullshit. That's misogynistic.

Don't act like you are doing women (read: the world) any favors by pulling your equal weight in the house and with your children. That's misogynistic.

Don't touch the body that is not yours. That's rape.

Don't tell women you're not at fault for anything that promote and propels the Patriarchy, male privilege, and sexism...if you have not actively done anything to speak out/fight against it. That's sexist.

Don't use how you treat your mother/daughter/sister as a standing example of why you're not misogynistic. That's misogynistic.

Don't forget that the same vaginas you "just wanna fuck" are attached to fully competent and functioning women...unless those women are drunk. That's rape.